as a merchant of crude oil and oil products. While we remain a physical trader at heart, we have strategically invested in midstream and downstream assets to create a platform for international expansion..

Focus on Trading

Uraltransneft Co. Ltd.(UTN) was established in 2007 in Russia with the mission to maximize our value of Kirishi Industrial Complex.  The refinery produces petroleum products with high-quality performance and environmental characteristics, including motor fuels, aromatics, liquid paraffin, roofing and insulation materials, etc. Diesel fuel, jet fuel, roofing materials and bitumens produced by the refinery meet international quality standards. Uraltransneft Co. Ltd. has long term contracts and established relationships with major Russian refining companies. Our strategic alliance with AK Transneft, allows us offer global petroleum supplies services and professional business to our customers through a team which running this kind petroleum supply business service and ocean shipping service more than 10 years, global supply network around as: North America, Europe, Africa, and China. In 2015 UTN traded overall around 5 million metric tons of petroleum products, including fuel oil , high sulfur gasoil and jet fuel. Two new products will appear in the products portfolio: 10ppm diesel (replacing high sulfur gasoil) and vaccum gasoil (eliminating fuel oil). Our sourcing is also based on offtake agreements which we have in place with various refiners. Our extensive expertise and our flexible financial conditions enable us to provide a variety of transactional structures providing valuable solutions to our clients.

Their dedication and commitment to providing solutions that benefit all parties to a transaction creates the long-lasting relationships that enable us to maximise opportunities.

While the essence of our trading is sourcing shipping and marketing, we have evolved in numerous ways to assist our counterparties and meet their most specific requirements. We are regularly involved in consignment stock transactions enabling us to grant our counterparties maximum flexibility. The volume of oil required is decided on a weekly basis improving cash flows and we are also able to offer extended payment terms as well as pre-export financing. Our lean structure helps us to make rapid decisions in today’s fast evolving world. UTN sales geography has been continiuosly expanding through these years. Traditionally, UTN sold and delivered oil products in the areas surrounding the ports of loading in the Baltic region. However, as the dynamics of the markets is changing and the company's sales strategy is growing, UTN has started supplying other markets such as Black Sea, Netherlands and CIS

Originally founded in 2007 AND CURRENTLY with registered lisenced OPERATIONS On the russian territory. headed by Mr. KRILOV ALBERTOVICH, the company has been both independent and private since its foundation. It is today one of the independent trading companies in RUSSIA AND Europe, priding itself on great expertise and strong connection with its customers.

Over the PAST years of its existence, URALTRANSNEFT CO. LTD has developed a diverse, global customer base and an extensive network with strong long term relationships. With offices in Moscow, Perm and Kirishi Industrial complex. URALTRANSNEFT CO. LTD team offers a full range of QUALITY OIL PRODUCTS AND TRANSPORTATION services tailored to meet the needs of its clients.

By using our in house market intelligence which helps us to anticipate market trends as well as a liquid capital structure, we are always able to provide competitive solutions. Uraltransneft Co Ltd. is consistently raising profitability of its trading operations through optimization of the supply chain management system and increase of the trade volume with third parties. Uraltransneft transfers of all export operations to a single operator company simplified export plans, optimized export flows and ensured oil and petroleum product export transparency.

oil and gas trading

The URALTRANSNEFT Co.’ s functions include also the international expansion of the Group's trading operations.  Third party trading activity which started in 2012 represented approximately 46 percent of the company’s total activity. URALTRANSNEFT manages to ensure flexible and reliable supplies to the international assets. Trading with third parties allows the company to increase the efficiency of the oil and petroleum production in the Perm oil regions and Urals for export and enables the company to further expand its international operations. Expansion of the company's trade market share on both sides of the Black sea, Baltics and in the Far East has established it as a major international trading company. The UTN Trading's main objectives extend beyond the development  of an attractive pricing policy and efficient mechanism for physical products and diversification of export marketing of the Kirishinefteorgsintez products. They also include the protection and optimization of the refinery and trading margin applying effective risk management processes.


Oil storage, for both crude and refined oil products, is regularly used as a trading tool by our company. Oil storage facilities are made available to the trading desks through long term agreements with first class storage companies.

Uraltransneft Co. Ltd. currently holds significant storage capacity at Ust-Luga and Primorsk ports which is strategically placed to take advantage of flows from the Black Sea and NWE/ARA regions.

Risk Management

Uraltransneft Co. Ltd. operates in all risk management tools, including the futures market, over the counter (OTC) swaps and a range of other derivatives. We bring high standards of risk management and operational excellence to our customers while maintaining sophisticated risk management systems, processes and controls.

Financial, operational and market risks are an integral element of commodities trading and physical supply. They cannot be wholly avoided, but can be planned for and managed. We take a comprehensive approach to hedging and marketing to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives.

Financial Overview

Our in depth expertise, combined with our extensive credit lines as well as our own strong financial condition allows us to offer a variety of transactional structures enabling us to provide valuable solutions to our counterparties.
Our strong liquid capital structure enables us to provide our clients the working capital they require by extending payment terms using a variety of structures. We are also able to provide our crude oil and petroleum products producers pre-export financing.
Uraltransneft Co. Ltd. cooperates with Russian major refining establishment and the Central Dispatching Department of Fuel Energy Complex to help develop structures that provide them with maximum access to liquidity as well as giving us the financial transparency and security we require.




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